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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Airod and the Court Martial

Recently several allegations of corruption against Airod President Tan Sri Ahmad Johan has resurfaced. They range from siphoning of Airod's money into the personal accounts of Tan Sri Ahmad Johan to corrupt arms deals involving the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

However, what the kopitiam is more interested in is in a certain event that happened a long time ago to the Airod President Tan Sri Ahamad Johan, when he was still a lowly captain in the Malaysian Rangers. It seems that the esteemed Tan Sri committed an offense that warranted a court martial to indict him.

Luckily for the esteemed Tan Sri, a high ranking officer within the Rangers stepped in and came to his defense. As this officer was well known as a courageous, honest and capable man, the court martial proceeding against the esteemed Tan Sri was dropped. This officer was also the most trusted subordinate of a high-ranking Brigadier-General.

The story does not end there. After this officer's stint in the armed forces ended, he was hired by Tan Sri Ahmad Johan to a mid-level managerial position in Airod many years later as a sign of gratitude. What is funny though is that the kopitiam has seen this very officer is also a die hard PAS and Keadilan supporter. Ironic how the world works, no?

As for what the esteemed Tan Sri was charged with in the court martial, they are inconclusive. Anyone have any ideas?

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